So, Leeds is one of these unfortunate places where every guy you meet knows the last guy you met, his brother, his cousin and his dog. It’s a playground of swanky bars, upmarket restaurants and sophistication but is it an ideal location to find the man of your dreams?

We all crave that special someone to spend these cold, Christmassy nights indoors with, and in order to find that special someone, a lot of us women venture out into the winter nights in search of a large G&T and a worthy male. Recently, for educational purposes of course, i have risked catching a cold in garments that barely cover my bits, in order to attract the opposite sex and discover what’s really out there…and to see if all the suitable bachelors of Leeds have been swiped off the market, leaving us poor girls with a selection of socially awkward, commitment phobic fuck-boys.
So, what did I find?

Heading to the likes of  Greek street in my fancy get-up, (which for me means wearing a heel not a trainer) was a testing experience to say the least. Excellent venues like Neighbourhood, Liquorist & Manhatta … some of them with a great deal of class, however not so much a great deal of gentlemen. Now don’t get me wrong there’s a ‘tall, dark & handsome’ in every corner just waiting to buy you a drink, dashing smiles with charm better than the Irish…but don’t be fooled ladies, as it’s all rehearsed. I have come to discover that these beautiful specimens have mastered the art of seduction and know exactly how to please the eye but tease the heart. Perfect for a few absurdly drunken dates and a fumble under the sheets but tend to stray or run away from anything too serious. Too busy checking themselves in, eyeing up the ‘squaters’ and being too damn ‘cool’ – *Sarc* Rating: 6/10

Now, moving on to the dingy, sticky floored beauties we like to call rock bars, such as Bad Apples, Santiago’s & Howl. The rock/alternative bars are usually a favourite of mine, as I tend to appreciate a good head bang and a long-haired lothario playing air guitar, but unfortunately for me it seemed to be another let down in the old love department for different reasons with the same effects. I’ve found that the men who usually reside here haven’t quite grown up yet…they’re dangerous, as a lot of them are spontaneous, crazy and extremely open minded (some of the qualities we crave) … but this isn’t always a great concoction for the potion of love. Us women of a certain age seek maturity and stability, a man who doesn’t need direction or another mother in his life, but I did notice many failed musicians still trying to live the dream whilst residing in their parent’s box room. I don’t know about you but a man over 28 still living at the folks is certainly a bigger turn off than a man who drinks Pornstar Martinis with his pinkie in the air. Rating: 4.5/10

Moving swiftly on to the likes of Merrion street, which here gets referred to as ‘top end of town’ … if it’s just a night out with a lotta laughs, a variety of music and a compliment or two you’re after then this area of the city is perfect for that, with bars such as Mojos, The Pitt & Mean eyed Cat…but if like me, you’re a lonely spinster looking for romance, then it too will not live up to your expectations. Admittedly better opportunities than the previous two, as the crowds here are usually an older bunch of ‘been there, done that’ personalities, who tend to know the score and know what they want…but of course with that comes the ‘I’m now over the age of 35, I want a girl on my arm who looks 19 and can make my boss jealous at all business parties’ and let me tell you ladies…I do not look 19! So, to conclude…a fine place to attempt a true-love search but be sure to conceal those wrinkles and hoick up those breasts if you’re no longer a teenager. Rating: 7/10

We now find ourselves on the infamous Call lane. A Leeds hotspot known for its late-night bars and 6am club (a place I find myself falling into a taxi from most weekends) but how does it rate in the look for love? Well as most people know, call lane is where everyone who’s been anywhere ends up after 2am, perfect for seeing that guy you’ve had your eye on for several months but if you’re seeking communication, a man who can walk straight or a nose not covered in the ‘devil’s dandruff’ then it’s not the place for you. Don’t get me wrong, I have met many delicious looking men in these parts, in fact the types of men that make you want to return week in week out. The cool cats that can sesh all night long and still stroll in to work the following day with a swag like no other, but these types are known to enter our lives quicker than you know, and exit them even faster. Witnessing & experiencing the bum gropers, tit starers, the suited & booted, the turtle neck wearers, the hip-hop wannabes and the ‘LADS’ are all part of the fun when it comes to the lane…the idea of them is usually far more impressive than the real thing. Rating: 4/10

So, Leeds…so far not so good…but I haven’t finished with you yet, there’s more to discover and more to review. Perhaps the problem isn’t the men…perhaps the problem is me? ……..NAH! Wow, that was a stupid thought.

NOTICE: All information is OPINION from personal experience. It does not refer to all men in certain venues, areas or cities and of course isn’t meant to insult or offend any man in any way. If this material does offend you, then feel free to report its contents to

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