After painful and very teary break-ups that result in us spending most days in nothing but our underwear, listening to tragic 80’s love hits and consuming all things chocolate & cheese, some of us want nothing more than to bump into our long-lost exes in the hope of spark ignition and true love realisation, but why?

We tell ourselves that once he clasps eyes on our new hairdo, pushed up rack, Beyonce attitude and daring new eye shadow shade, he’ll leap over the club dance floor like Patrick Swayze, scoop us up in his arms and tell us he was wrong for ever leaving …but in almost 100% of cases, this never happens, and we are left feeling humiliated, hollow and damn stupid for believing the shit. It’s universally acknowledged that when someone doesn’t want you, it makes you want them more, which of course tells our brain that what we’re feeling is love when in actual fact it’s a mere crave for acceptance and care.

Ever notice how men can love and leave with ease & breeze, show zero emotion and move on quicker than a cheetah could pounce on a mouse? (Oh these gits are so good at hiding feelings) But as soon as you kick them off that pedestal, forget about the D, and remember how many nights they woke you up farting…they come crawling back…slithering into your DM’s to send you those sweet ass nothings and apologies you waited so long to hear. 

I can tell you, due to very recent experiences of my own, seeing an ex you miss in a nightclub at 4am whilst heavily intoxicated is far from an ideal situation…BUT can have very beneficial effects. Trying desperately not to be my usual ‘Bridget Jones’ self and fuck everything up before anything even starts, I swagger over to my ex sweetheart in hope of a tight movie-style hug and some ‘I miss you too’ conversation, but what I got was a double D … very different and very disappointing. A confused and even scared type gaze and a care-free, arrogant attitude with not even a smile or a hand shake…fuck, it was at that point I knew i’d end up crying myself into a taxi after one too many Patrons. No apology, no answers, no explanation, no NOTHING. I stood looking at his face, the face I’d longed to see again for months and saw nothing but a cold hearted, twisted man who had no idea how much pain he’d caused and if did, wouldn’t and couldn’t care less. This was not the emotion showing “I love you” telling guy I thought i’d once fallen for, he was more of an awkward stranger who had sniffed too much snow and couldn’t talk about anything but himself . This, ladies was what I like to call the ‘you never deserved me’ stage and by god does it work.

Now this was not a long-term, official and beautiful relationship…more of a 6 week whirlwind of  passionate shagging and intensity, but I guess this kind of romance is the kind that charges into your life like the midnight meat train and hits you right between the globes. In and out of your journey faster than your first lay and sweeter than a rocky road. These kinds as most of you know can be just as bad if not worse than the real thing we all call love.

Due to the alcohol consumption, I of course still ended up home alone at 8am singing along to Westlife and crying into a very large glass of wine but this is not called crazy, dramatic or sad my friends…no, no this is called being a hormonal woman with bad taste in both music & men. 😉

So…does bumping into an ex you thought broke your heart help you let go? YES! Just don’t drink too many tequilas and wake up your neighbours with some poor rendition of ‘Flying without wings’

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Published by lauraslife848

Just a 30 something girl typing TRUTH Disclaimer: A lot of what i write is for entertainment purposes ONLY - Don't get butthurt ;-)

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