The majority of the world has now heard of the once misunderstood platform Onlyfans – unless of course you are a technology-phobe pensioner or a rightly unaware infant…in which case I advise you to ‘X’ this page immediately and find something more suitable and pleasant to read. Onlyfans is a global money-making scheme in which people can exchange funds for photos and videos or even simple conversation. Many people believe that this transaction includes sexual/pornographic content only, however there are many non-nude models and even artists using this particular platform to their advantage, having tripled their annual income doing so.

So, who other than sex crazed nudists you ask?






Personal Trainers


The list goes on.

Of course a great percentage of this site is used by sex workers (which is now the name given to anybody willing to show a nipple or say the word dick!) but this is explained and simplified in just three easy words … SUPPLY AND DEMAND 😊. Would the likes of Page 3, Nuts magazine, nude artists, burlesque dancers and even erotic novelists be classed as sex workers now? Where does the invisible ‘sex’ line end? Would we put the great marketing and advertising agencies under the same title, due to saucy and sexualised beer, burger and perfume ads?

Click the link below for sexy examples

In this very thought out and passionate post, I will attempt to acknowledge the most prolific judgments and assumptions made by those who fail to understand the concept of such a ‘taboo’ role. And with this, I hope the absurd and uneducated stigma surrounding Onlyfans workers will optimistically decrease.

So here goes…


As I politely pointed out above, not ALL Onlyfans workers offer sexual content, just a percentage of them. There are also a hefty number of models who show implied nude only, whether that be my personal forte of celebrating the odd nipple and bending over in expensive lingerie. Or somebody else’s more risqué shot of double nip and open leg. Some people have their limits and that’s OK. You’ll find that many of the model’s pages present a similar style to how they would dress holidaying on the beaches of Spain … topless with bikini bottoms. This is deemed normal, if not encouraged by society, but as soon as you make money from it online … BOOM it’s shameful and wrong!

Some models DO incorporate sex and pornographic content, which is also OK! It is in fact another way that sex workers can be paid appropriately and safely, without being taken advantage of and mistreated. Now you must pay for your porn … OH SHIT! Some would say it’s baffling that one is happy to watch and appreciate porn, yet judge and discriminate against the entertainers who make it for you. Whaaaaat??


I mean, this is just mind blowingly ignorant. There are plenty of men and women who have multiple qualifications, an abundance of knowledge and an impressive skillset who enjoy showcasing their assets whilst getting paid the big bucks. Some would go as far to say that these people are financially savvy and business minded, as they think outside the box, work on their own terms and say f**k you to the 9-5 system. I don’t think making the most of a talent or asset that one already acquires, could ever be deemed as unsmart.


This ones easy … If they had no self respect, they’d be showing Tom, Dick and Harry all their goodies for FREE now wouldn’t they? They know how fricking amazing they are, so they charge to view. Get off your high donkey and learn that respect comes in many different forms.


Okaaaay, this is a juicy one. Firstly…define a slut. Are we talking how easy a person is to sleep with, or are we talking more numbers here? You will actually find that a lot of models on Onlyfans (specifically women) are quite the opposite to whatever you class as a slut. Research has somewhat proven that over 50% of women who begin a life of sex work, are understandably sick of whack relationships and unappreciative men who take advantage of them and see them as sexual prizes to showcase. They decide that they no longer want to show ALL of themselves to anyone unworthy of seeing it, without some form of gain or gratitude. The majority of sex workers I know and have met through the years are very loving and affectionate. They cherish love more than most and they see intimacy as a special fulfilment that all should enjoy and appreciate. Showing a visual, i.e. image or video of one’s body or sexual consummation is not the same as giving it. You wouldn’t watch a Kate Winslet sex scene in a blockbuster movie and begin thinking she’d given/sold her body to you … it would be just as mentally absurd to think the same of those who act through your computer screen.

Every type of career has a diverse range of people who work in them. To generalise all Onlyfans workers as sluts because of their JOB, is like believing all actors and actresses are liars and false characters in real life. Or that all Bar tenders are raging alcoholics…because if they serve you a drink, they must be shotting tons of that at home, right?


Give me a second while I just LOL at this one. Okay i’m done. This pillock statement comes from the unbrushed mouths of those who ‘again‘ like to generalise models and stick them in a container of shame. Plenty of women who create on Onlyfans have an amazing relationship with their parents (daddy included). I know it may be flabbergasting to read…but some models have supportive and understanding parents, who prioritize their children’s happiness over old-fashioned judgments.

FYI growing up without a father or not being close to one, does not automatically make you a sex worker, a feminist or a hussy.


This one is a particular favourite of mine. I hear so many fannies talk about how unfair it is that people make money so easily by just posting pictures online – and how the people who do this are lacking talent, skill and work ethic. Have any of you narrowminded plonkers actually sat down and thought about the ins and outs of such a task? Onlyfans creators do not lack talent or skill, if anything they have more than most. It’s a multiple role position and a structured business ran solely by the creator. Allow me to point out all responsibilities and positions an Onlyfans creator undertakes:

Make-up artist

Hair stylist


Photo editor


Customer service

Relationships manager

Social media manager


Not to mention the balls and confidence it takes to do a job under such scrutiny, stigma and judgment. The appearance upkeep, the outfit costs, the potential exercise regimes and the harsh and utterly STUPID character assumptions. Mix that in with a higher tax rate, societal disrespect and the need to fiercely defend yourself and your OWN life’s choices … and VOILA` you have a very strong, motivated, skilful, talented, creative, determined and bloody patient Onlyfans worker.

If you want to show off your fabulous body, choose how and when you make your money and ultimately laugh at the frigid minds that are clearly stuck in the middle ages – then just f**king DO IT!


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