Ever met a motherfucker with a soul as sticky and black as a piece of chewed up liquorice on a hot summer’s day?

In this mind-fucking world we live in, it’s an unfortunate shame that some of the people we come across daily are aesthetically pretty with downright ugly hearts. Occasionally we can get side-tracked and warped into believing that these vile souled swines are just broken children on a positive quest for change. We naïvely shower them with kindness and motherfucking ‘queen’ energy, in an attempt to help them heal, but what we’re actually doing is allowing these damaged dick heads to slither through life and continue hurting the people high out of their league. The big question is … can people really change, or do they just hide behind a façade of hot facial features and pure SHIT?!

I think the majority of us truly know the answer to this … but we butter it up like a slice of burnt toast and give these energy stealing termites the benefit of the doubt.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am a believer and supporter of particular types of change and rehabilitation…but let’s face it, 9 times out of 10 that type of personal development is yet another narcissistic string to their shitting bow. It’s a well-known fact that righting your wrongs is a selfish step in order to make ‘you’ the guilty feel that sweet ass wave of forgiveness. It usually has nothing to do with caring for the people you horrendously wronged but more about the sense of relief you feel once you’ve shown that fake glimmer of humanity.

These types of people tend to creep through life seeking out beautiful souls to feed off, like demonic creatures with zero substance. And we let them why? Because they usually present themselves as ‘normal’ empathetic beings with a false sense of care and commitment. Many of them also come packaged in an attractive colourful box in order to catch their prey… but once that pretty little box has been opened, there’s nothing but hatred and insecurity inside.

As some of you well know, it can take months, years or even decades to really see the truth about what lurks beneath the surface. I guess there are some people who never ‘want’ to see it. They fear being wrong about a person they let their guard down with and they fear the sad and terrifying truth that such nastiness can coexist in the world…thus keeping them in the loop of only seeing good in the bad and never slinging them in the bin where they belong.

But my dears, once you see that beautiful light and learn that valuable lesson … their once-kind face becomes as ugly as their unkind heart!

Published by lauraslife848

Just a 30 something girl typing TRUTH Disclaimer: A lot of what i write is for entertainment purposes ONLY - Don't get butthurt ;-)

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